On web standards
Published on Oct 16, 2009

Writing specifications for web applications
Published on Jul 3, 2009

Specifications are an integral part of any web project (or any software project for that matter). Writing good specifications will improve the probability of success for a given project by a great deal.

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Finding your web business model
Published on May 6, 2009

The web as a commercial venue has changed and evolved much in the relatively short time since its inception. As the medium and technology evolved, more and more "real-world" business models became viable for web products.

Despite this, the application of those business models in the web arena is still very much experimental, and it's often hard for web businesses to find and implement a model that works well for them.

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A web 2.0 business model can work, and work well
Published on Aug 23, 2008

The term web 2.0 has been frequently misused and misunderstood, however it is more than a buzz word - it defines a very real phenomenon in which user generated content can be the driving force behind an online site / service.

Some very well known and successful online entities can be considered as such - Wikipedia in which users contribute knowledge, Digg in which users help others find interesting articles by voting and facebook which is the current golden standard for social networking (in which user generated content - UGC - is a given).

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The lost art of user experience
Published on Jul 26, 2008

User interface design is my favorite part of the development process. The problems it poses are the most interesting, and thinking up solutions is a form of creative expression.

Users consume applications through the interface - one chance to either deliver a satisfying experience or fail miserably.

So how can we try to provide a better experience for our users?
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